Who’s a Writer

A week off and no writing, can I still call myself a writer? I’ve opened the document and stared at it but no actually words flowed onto the page, so again am I a writer? Must I always be in the mists of writing something? But the I think the better question is this, why do I believe that I must be adding words to the page everyday to considered a writer?

I think it’s my own fear that I will let time slip away from me and not complete the manuscript. How many times have I spoken to someone who claims to be a writer but has never completed anything? They play at being a writer and like to strut around shouting to the world their story arcs, tragic characters, and the such and I don’t want to be them. I want to create and complete the story. I don’t want to be full of talk and no action.

Well, that settles it; yep, I’m still a writer. My own insecurities were getting the better of me. Now that I figured that out maybe I should do a little writing?

And Away I Go,

The Writer


Is it just me that the thought of eight books coming out in six months is crazy? I mean even Nora Roberts said she can crank out an entire book in 45 days. So that’s a today of eight books in a year not six months.

Yet despite the numbers there are a few authors that are churing out double that amount, how are they doing it? Co-authoring. That’s right. Now there is a difference between co-authoring and ghost writing but this one seems like it’s skirting the line.

I’m not against a good paring of authors to pen a book but when you mix one best seller with a fairly new name and the style seems no where near the best seller’s work, who’s work is it really? Is this a good thing for the non large font author? Yes and no.

Yes, because this brings the authors level of exposure up and expands their reach. No, because if the big name’s brand/style is what the readers are looking for they may never try their writing again. But the upside for the best selling author that they get money from all those books with their name on it. I’m not against the co-authoring approach but they only need to be conscience of the reader’s reaction.

So if a few of my favorite authors happen to be interested, I’m available to collaborate.

Always helpful,


A Book for Two

Perfection Devil

Nothing like waking up on a Tuesday (or for most people Monday) and realize that your to-do list never was culled. Oh, no, when you weren’t looking the dang thing bred like rabbits. Now with my 40 hour work week starting, I don’t have time to chase down the fury little rodents and get stuff done.

Yet in my defense, you perfectionist ego self that is nagging at me, I managed to finish reading three great books. So I may not have got more words on my work in progress done but I’ll get to it. Maybe this weekend was to allow me to take time away from the story so I can come back refreshed and ready to make the story move.

I know I am very hard on myself so I’m cultivating ways to let myself off the hook about my own personal deadlines. Though that may be my wish, every time I say something about being “nice” to myself or to “cut” myself some slack, in my ears all I can hear is a little dark voice telling me that I’m copping out, I’m lying to myself, and that I’m a hypocrite since I push others to complete their goals by sticking with them.

I must be gentle with myself because I need to keep me filled up with hope, love, and joy for me so I can overflow such sentiments to those I see, speak, and interact with every day. Deep in my heart that rings true. Because that is how I want to be treated and if I can’t stomach giving those responses to me, how do I plan on receiving the same things from others?

Sparkles and Love,