Spurs Jingling

Cursor blinking on a white screen. We’ve all been there and struggled with adding to our story. So how to make that little sucker dance across the screen?

  • Outline the scene to give you structure on where you want to go.
  • Move. Get out of the chair and take a walk.
  • If know the mood of the scene play some music to move you into that space.
  • Reread the previous scene to keep you in the flow of the story.

No matter what, just keep pushing through. It may feel hard, frustrating, and make you want to drink but it’s your choice. You as a writer have something to say that’s new, different, and all yours so spit it out. Because otherwise you’ll be sitting at the crossroads of “Could’a and Should’a” and that’s not a nice place to be.

Time to Cowboy Up,

The Warrior Writer


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