Pants on Fire

A conversation I had recently was about being right or being kind, couldn’t be more dead on than when I walked into work this morning. Why is it when you are on your last thread of patience and sanity, that the world decides that you need to go deeper into the work? Because this letting go shit sounds so simple yet it is the hardest struggle we endure. And you know what? This is a self-induced struggle because we get into our own way. The more anger and frustration that bubbles up and threatens to erupt the harder it is to feel the joy. The sounds of harps and angels becomes a mighty roar of anguish and pain in my ears. Then be kind or be right vibrates and shifts my atoms and for a moment, a brief interlude, the roar dies away and love flows in to heal the rage.

    Some days what we do feels like self-induced torture but I know its only because we refuse to float through our physical journey in life. We grasp life with both hands and go for the ride of our lives refusing to live on autopilot. But because we do so and are surrounded by drones it feels harder, tougher, and gritter but in the end we can truly live to our fullest potential.
Too damn deep for a Monday but with love, 

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