Path Less Traveled: The Writer’s Version

Day two was long and I had my appointment with a big publisher editor and she didn’t like any real part of my book. No problem because I really wasn’t too sold on them either. In 10 minutes I mainly found out what they were looking for, which told me that for the moment they are not the place I should be looking. No harm, no foul, and no query letter for you.

This frees up energy to find somewhere my work will fit better. Maybe I’ll have something they would want later but for now I feel great about my 1st shiny rejection. All I can say is “Hey, I’ll finally a real author.” It’s realistic that as a creative people rejection is key to our world. Every no is not a door closed but making you path clearer to what you need to do and where you need to go.


Spit Polishing an Old Penny

To write well I must be able to take a common phrase and spice it up so readers don’t yawn. So it’s time to reinvent an old and worn phrase.  There are so many to choose from: “The early bird gets the worm,” “Come hell or high water,” “He/She’s easy on the eyes,” and numerous others.

I’ll try “Hanging by a thread,” and see what I can come up with. First, what does the phrase mean? To me “hanging by a thread” means a person is in a tight situation and if it wasn’t for a lifeline they would be devastated.

  • Hope is a thin but tough thread to dangle on.
  • The lifesaver keeps me tethered to the boat.
  • A spider’s web string from the ground.
  • A feather weight more and I’d be lost.
  • A breath away from disaster.
  • Lifeboat between me and the tidal wave.
  • Tossed in the waves just me and my arm floaties.
  • Me and my arm floaties against the ocean waves.

Now not each of these would work in every situation but I have to say my two favorites are the first and the last. The first because I like that it focuses on the hope of dangling by a thread and the last because it is a great visual image.

Rocking Gnomes to Sleep

Working on a new story and I love the idea but I’m not sure about the execution. Why is it while I am in the middle of the creation process the creeping doubt gnomes start gnawing on my confidence? Those pesky little buggers watch the words flow onto the page and scoff, “Stupid, lame,” and many other such ego boosting phrases.

Well, listen here you little toad stools, I am still trudging on and I will get through this scene. It may not be Hemingway but it’s mine. Later I will go back with my trusty colored pens and rip it apart. Then and only then are you allowed to help me shape this. Until then shut up and go to sleep.